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Juicers such as electrical hands-on citrus press juicers are juicers created to deal with the seeds, division as well as thick external skin that define citrus fruits. Using a citrus juicer is convenient due to the fact that utilizing particular sorts of citrus juicers permits you to remove the juice from these fruits without eliminating their skin. However which of both sorts of citrus juicer is the far better juicer? We will talk about numerous factors in choosing whether an electric citrus juicer or a hands-on citrus juicer is much more fit to your individual demands by evaluating the automation, preparation time, operation, top quality of juice, and also cleaning as well as storage space properties of each.


The noteworthy function of a hand-operated citrus juicer is the fact that it does not need power. Rather, these juicers mentioned in juicer reviews use take advantage of to essence juice from the fruit by pressing it in between 2 manages of a proper size, much like a pushing equipment. Electric citrus juicers, on the various other hand, are automated and also (clearly) powered by power which is a significant benefit, specifically when juicing large quantities of fruit.

Prep work Time

Utilizing a hand-operated citrus juicer requires little to no preparation time due to that the piece of fruit does not have to be peeled off prior to it is juiced. By comparison, while some electrical citrus juicers like the electric reamer enable you to put in an unpeeled item of fruit, most electrical citrus juicers need that you peel off the fruit before placing it right into the juicer, which can be a certain negative aspect.


Manual citrus press juicers operate by having a person by hand press the fruit in between 2 takes care of up until the juice is drawn out. Due to the fact that it is done manually, the process could be tiring and also time consuming if huge amounts of fruit are being juiced. Electric reamers require you to press down on the reamer device, creating it to rotate. Various other electric citrus juicers allow you to merely insert the peeled off fruit right into the juicer and juice with the press of a switch.

High quality of Juice

Hands-on citrus press juicers are highly reliable at squeezing out the pure fruit juice without mixing in pulp or the bitter oils from the skin of the fruit. On the other hand, electrical citrus juicers, specifically electrical reamers, squeeze pulp straight into the juicer, suggesting it should be strained if you do not like pulp and/or the juicer does not featured a filter. Moreover, some feel that it highlights too much anger in the fruit since some of the bitter tasting oils get scraped off the inside of the peel and also are blended with the juice.

Juicer Reviews

Cleaning up and Storage

Because manual citrus press juicers are so just designed, they are easy to clean and maintain in great repair. They are effortlessly kept also since a lot of are rather small in size. Electric citrus juicers, on the various other hand could be harder to maintain clean and in great repair because of their electric motors and also additional relocating components. They can additionally be tougher to keep as they tend to be bigger than hand-operated citrus press juicers.

Final thoughts

If you do not intend to do much juicing, choose a better, sweeter juice, or do incline squeezing big amounts of juice by hand, then a hands-on citrus press juicer is most likely for you. Advantages: little to no prep work time, basic to operate, excellent quality juice, very easy to tidy and also store. Drawbacks: it could take some time to make bigger quantities of juice.

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