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Now you locate products made in China. Importing from China brings both excitement and fear to many buyers. There is the chance of big gains from an effective import business of selling products imported from China. Sell to China is your great choice.

There are many myths and problems related to China importing business and let us see how valid they’re:

1. Payment choices are limited.
There was a time when Chinese businessmen only accepted bank transfers which weren’t secure or Western Union transfers and wire transfer payments. Nevertheless, with the recent progress of the Chinese businesses in the international import export business, many payment choices that are globally acceptable are at present available. If the supplier requests for credit card payment, it would be best to channel it through third party processors like PayPal. The safest would be to transfer to a company bank account and never a personal bank account, if the agreement is for bank transfer.

There are other international payment options such as letter of credit (L/C) drawn sight that is the most popular, time L/C or bills of exchange. What is important is that at all times maintain a documented record of all payment transactions in the event you have to file a dispute case.If you have lots of products will to sell to China,you may need to find the solution on

2. Chinese businessmen will deceive you after you pay.
Start off by learning more about china import export company so you know the intricacies of the trade. Get an import export business training program or get a reputable import pro coach to educate you, if needed. Prevent businessmen from cheating you at the start by looking for supplier or a trusted producer. Use payment systems that can protect you and are trustworthy. Even better, get an honest import export broker will be a big help in dialogues.

3. Communicating is hard.
Chinese producers and suppliers have staffed themselves with English talking sales people who can convey economically. The reliable manufacturer are now visible on the internet and have communication tools like chat and messaging where first discussions can be made using other tools, GTalk and Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and requests for pictures, advice and quotations can be done. Getting an import export representative would prove useful, when communication might be an issue with companies who do not have English speaking staff or interpreters. He’ll ensure that complex issues will be understood and obligations or requests are clearly conveyed both ways.

4. Chinese products aren’t safe and quality is poor.
Some big names in the import export company in China say the producers will not be wholly to blame as they simply follow the specifications given to them by the customers. To ensure that China importations are not dangerous, importers should find out the security conformity standards of the end marketplace and communicate these precise specifications to producer. It is also best to get a sample order first so the quality of the product’s quality and safety is seen directly.

If in doubt, the next best thing to do would be to get the assistance of a dependable import export agent who help you in your business transactions and will do the benefit you. Keeping all these matters in mind would assist you to build up a prosperous import business and ride the bandwagon on importing low-cost products from China.

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