Stainless steel flask have been around since the 18th century when upper class men carried alcoholic drinks discreetly in the ergonomic flasks that were slender. A lot has changed since then but the importance of stainless steel flasks that were carrying remains the same even today! Here is an insight into the simple history.

Stainless Steel Flask

These flasks were normally silver, made from glass or leather, and were used typically for the pilgrimages. The flask’s body was slightly curved to fit into the pocket of the wearer.If you are looking for more information on stainless steel flask, please

stainless steel flasks become popular in Usa . Then, there was a ban on alcohol consumption in the US men carried it covertly in their back pocket to keep it away from the authorities’ eyes.

After the prohibition on booze was revoked in 1933, the popularity remained. It became one among the crucial items for soldiers during the Second World War. The leather ones were very popular with the soldiers because they could be carried by them conveniently and they were helped by it through the rough times.

In the 19th century, silver flasks were more popular because unlike other alloys, it didn’t react with the liquid, so preserving its taste. In reality , it was believed that silver really enhanced the flavor of liquor due to its purifying qualities. Pewter was another common substance for making these flasks used. Some of the ones that are lower quality also contained lead, although this was actually a metal alloy consisting of of tin.

Stainless Steel Flask

Today, the silver flasks have become a kind of classic item because most are made of stainless steel. The silver flasks are used as costly presents for special occasions and owning one is a matter of status symbol.

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