Teflon Rods

The basic components of teflon rods and all you actually need are the rod and the brackets. The brackets attach to the wall, ceiling, window or casing, and the teflon rods sits in the mounts. There are numerous designs and sizes of poles. A number of the different kinds of brackets are typical wall brackets, ceiling brackets, center mounts, end mount brackets and double mounts. Which bracket you use depends on which you are hanging and what you’re attaching it to.

There are numerous additional hardware items so as to make your teflon rods delightful and more original you can use. First, there are finials which attach to the ends of the poles. You may have finials on both ends of the teflon rods or merely one end. Finials come in countless sizes, styles, shapes and finishes. Bands are also quite useful when hanging curtains. Rings are often round but can be different contours also. Drapery rings attach to the curtains and go around the teflon rods. They empower the drapes to go along with teflon rods.

Holdbacks are another piece of hardware that can decorate hardware and your teflon rods. Holdbacks may come in stem or hook design and generally hold your curtains back from the window. They can also be utilized to hang curtains. The last hardware item to notice is the drapery wand.

Teflon Rods

Teflon rodscan match or coordinate with your room design and and other hardware come in a variety of finishes. There are heaps of options when decorating your window with teflon rods and accessories.

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