This is not a stopper for any specific operating system but if you’re contemplating buying a new computer you are fed up with malware or virus issues or because the old one has slowed to a crawl subsequently think about swapping operating systems.Use Windows 8 professional key to upgrade your PC OS to the genuine operating system.

Windows 8 Professional Key

Ok… so it appears daunting… but in fact it really isn’t. In the day when Linux was not old you were extremely cool if you could figure out how to install the stinkin’ thing. Now you can choose various flavors and the installs are generally simple plug-n- play with kind installs. Linux tends to be a considerably smaller install than Windows. I like the Ubuntu Linux… it’s FREE and the install is typically trouble free.

If you are used to Windows, you are able to setup Linux and the “KDE” (K Desktop) or “Gnome” interfaces which are pretty intuitive if you are used to Windows. As far as programs if you are using Microsoft Office… install the free which will be MS Office compatible. Should youn’t want to “lose” your Windows, you can either create a multi-boot system, enabling you to swap between Windows and Linux, or you may use a virtual machine host like VMWare and run Linux under Windows or vice versa. If you are experimenting use the free VMWare server do a few installs get comfortable with swapping OS’s and tweak settings.

These free “alternative” operating systems let you utilize older hardware and alleviate a number of the hassles associated with virus plagued MS Windows. That’s not to say that Linux or other OS’s are without flaw and susceptibility to virus but never to the extent that Windows is… do a web search for Linux, BSD, Unix, etc to get an understanding of how these distinct operating systems operate. If you do seriously contemplate installing Linux for the first time make sure you search for problems related to your specific hardware as a precaution. Happy Computing!We can provide high quality Windows 8 professional key on

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